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Meet Danny Toeman!

It’s a cold and windy night and Danny Toeman is in Berlin town.
Danny who?
Danny Toeman, toe like foot, man like woman, that’s how he says it.

After our last encounter in London three years ago (some frozen shots and beers in Camden) we’re finally meeting again in Berlin.
Another time, another capital, but still the same charming man.
Glad to see a friend again, we’re starting the interview he’s been just joking about when we met for the first time.

So light yourself a cig and get ready for some Funk & Soul!

What’s Berlin like for you?
Danny: Berlin is amazing! It’s a city with so much history that in my short time here I’ve been doing everything to soak up the sights and the sounds and the smells and the tastes of Berlin. And also the music scene.
Uuh – something about the music scene you want to share with us?
Danny: I didn’t know what to expect. Everyone had told me it was nothing but techno music, but I’ve come to find there’s a great jazz scene here, and lot of really talented musicians playing every night, honing their craft.

In comparison to London, where you live, it’s better here?
Danny: I wouldn’t make any comparison between here and London, because I think I’ve only scratched the surface here. I feel that the independent live music scene might be smaller here, but there is definitely a lot of passion. And to be honest, in London it is getting smaller every day, due to venues closing and frequently less opportunities for musicians becoming the case. It’s harder to find gigs, but I’m sure at one point it’ll even out. Berlin is still a very big city anyway.

So you’ll come back to Berlin?
Danny: I hope so. There’s a lot of great venues that I checked out while I’ve been here and I would love to come here and play with my band – the Love Explosion Band – and tour all of Germany as much as I can and all of mainland Europe.

A Big Question

How did Danny Toeman – you – become North London’s funkiest showman?
What’s your history?
Danny: What’s my history? Oh, I don’t know! Well, I was born, I could sing, it always came naturally to me. I got up on stage, and shook my ass and people seem to like it! And I sang as well and people like that as well. And it just seems whatever gig I did I would always get the same great response from people and I just kept on going and then one day a critic called me the King of North London Soul! And so I’ve stuck with that title.

Hopefully I can become the King of London Soul.
And then the King of British Soul.
And then the King of European Soul.
And then just the King of Soul.

Danny Toeman, Berlin, December 2022


Source: YouTube, Danny Toeman

You just released another new single – Feel My Soul.
What’s next?
Single after single, are you feeding Spotify algorithms or are you working on a record?
Danny: That’s a very good question! I would love to make a record! But they don’t seem economically viable. For me to make the songs I want to produce they cost a lot of money. To use the right studios, to get the best musicians to play on them. To get them mixed properly and everything else. They become very expensive. And to be honest, albums … I think y
ou need to be very established as an artist to make an album.

I actually made an album a few years ago, but I decided I didn’t want to release it as an album, just release it single by single, ’cause it would help me establish myself more. But now I’m getting to a point where new fans are asking: ‘When’s the album coming out?’ And I’m thinking, oh well, now I’m gonna have to make a whole new one, which is gonna take lot of time and a lot of money. I hope to make an album, but in the foreseeable future I’ve got a lot singles ready and lined up to release.

Two Last personal questions

What’s the key to unhappiness?
Danny: Basically the key to unhappiness is to build a wall around yourself and put yourself on a giant throne inside that wall, so you think you’re the most important person and no one else exists. That is the key to unhappiness.

Who are you?
Danny: I still try to figure that out myself, ’cause there are many Danny Toemans. There’s the performer on stage and then there’s the one who built a wall around himself and is sitting on his throne. And there’s also, naa, well you know … who are you? You and your tough questions. I was not prepared for this, let me think.
Give you a sec.
Danny: I’m a guy who’s happiest when I’m on stage and I’m singing and the band behind me is really cooking and the people in front of us are absolutely loving it and they’re losing their minds. That is what I live for. That is who I am. Every other second or moment of the day always takes a backseat to that. And I would love to be able to live my life like that. Twenty-four hours a day, but unfortunately the world doesn’t work like that. Who am I? The other me is a very quiet and humble person, I’m just trying to go on with my business, get on with life and get through each day.
So you’re a nice guy.
Danny: If you think so.
I think so. Thank you Danny!
Danny: Thank you René!

Yeah, that was the short interview with the guy, who became a friend to the family in the past years since me and my little sister met him at a Sofar show in Hamburg. Thanks to Tom Allan & The Strangest!

For records and other informations feel free to visit Danny’s website and if you’re feeling the need to see that guy live, watch what I experienced after the interview at the Artliners. So here we go, straight from London and now live in Berlin: Danny Toeman!


Danny Toeman and me flipping through some records right before the gig.

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