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Deep Dyed live!

Deep Dyed is back. Back in Buxtehude. And this time they are in the tranquil Hanseatic city to present their debut album Unmade Beds live at IsoVinyl. After their successful performance last year at Christmas Beat, the bonds between Iso and the troupe were already established and so it was relatively easy to realize the idea of a concert in the record store.


Deep Dyed at IsoVinyl.

THE First concert

What Deep Dyed brings on this evening and what the colorful audience in Buxtehude gives back is simply indescribable. No, that’s a lie. It can actually be described very well, because apparently everything that was rumored in advance is true. The hunger for live music, the need for concerts on the smallest scale, the DIY vibe that goes with it…it’s all there, and all of it works. The band’s proposal to perform in the record store and actually realize this idea. The meeting at IsoVinyl to exchange the posters designed by Lukas and then hang them up together in the surrounding area. The mention in the Buxtehuder Tageblatt (Daily Gazette), all this shows that subculture is still possible. It just requires a lot of sweat, patience and dedication. But as you can see today, all that effort is paying off.

When John, Aylin, Hauke and Lukas start their first set, the record store is pleasantly filled despite the still good weather outside. The six somewhat quieter songs go down well with the audience, the mood is relaxed, the drinks are cold and each song’s conclusion is celebrated with a far more than benevolent applause. And so the Hamburg quartet plays through numbers like Laundromat, and with It’s Not Easy they perform a cover of a the band Geckos, a tribute, since John’s father played in this band, before they close the set with the dreamy Orion.


Aylin Sengül (Vocals and guitar)


Lukas Tietkens (Drums)


Hauke Seibt (Bass)


John Hintz (Vocals and guitar)

So this is it, the day when Deep Dyed returned to Buxtehude. Before it continues here with set number two, exactly, there are two sets, I turn the clock back an hour. We sit outside, at the table, as they say, and sneak a little interview before the concert break is over.

THE Interview

At the time, I asked you on Instagram whether it was Star Wars or Star Trek for you. You answered with 2001: A Space Odyssey. Why?
Lukas: Because that’s my favorite Stanley Kubrick movie.
And if you had to choose one of the movies?
John: Star Wars and Star Trek are not my thing at all so I’ll just sit this one out…
Hauke: Difficult, maybe Star Trek. It’s a more harmonious thing overall. With Star Wars there were the first three movies, then the second three and with Star Trek it’s more of a thing that just fits together better.
Luke: Huh? Jar Jar Binks?
Hauke: Yeah, he’s in Star Wars.
Lukas: Yeah, but that’s my favorite character!
But he doesn’t hold the saga together!
Lukas: Yeah- 100% man! (laughs)

This is the third time we meet in Buxtehude.
What does this city mean to you currently?
Lukas: It always feels like a vacation when you’re here. For me, Buxtehude stands for gigs outside the norm. Right before the Christmas show we had never even played a gig before and we hadn’t played in a record store yet either. Those are rather unusual locations.

Aylin: And we had our first interview here.

I was browsing through that interview again and Lukas said back then that it’s cool to have a tape. Now you have a record, how does it feel?
Aylin: Even more awesome!

Lukas: It’s a little milestone! Something I also wanted to achieve. It sounds awesome! Shoutout Christian (Bethge)!
John: And Ryan Leverenz-Mompellio. Because without those two, this record wouldn’t have even come together.
John: Well, we recorded at Off Ya Tree Studio. Ryan invited us to record there and offered to mix the record.

Lukas: At first we refused (smiles).
John: Exactly, we declined with thanks at first. And then we came crawling back later. Once he had mixed it and we heard it we were all immediately hooked. And then after that it went on to Christian.
I actually found Christian on the internet and then it turned out that Lukas already knew him.
Lukas: A friend of mine, Maxi – Shitney Beers, had her last two albums mastered by Christian. One of them, I think, was also recorded with him in the studio. And she had recommended him. So I just thought „it’s a good connection, we already know each other …”

Now segueing from the record to the home of your record:
La Pochette Surprise Records
What is it like to be on this label?
What does La Pochette mean to you?
John: Well, La Pochette means freedom first and foremost. We can really do anything we want. And Velvet is always there to support us with it. There are no strict guidelines imposed on us, rather just support and ideas that he brings in to the mix. And, of course, the label also helps us financially with the record and everything that comes along with it. We feel very well taken care of there.

Hauke: And in general we are friends with many other bands from the label, it’s just like a family.
Aylin: That’s absolutely the case it’s a great network and support system. We also share the rehearsal room with another band, Die Eitelkeit. Are they actually with La Pochette as well?
John: I would say that they are part of the cosmos.
Aylin: It’s definitely super valuable to have such a network through La Pochette.


Before we get to the next question, strange drinks arrive, the fries are served and there is vegan mayo, that’s right – vegan mayo!

John, in the Buxtehuder Tageblatt you expressed the need for more DIY concerts, also in Hamburg.
Apparently they don’t exist anymore.
John: There is rather not the space for it. But now and then they still exist. That’s just the beauty here in Buxtehude, that we can organize such an event with you and Iso, without it being a huge undertaking. And I think that’s important for people. Also in Buxtehude, and especially for the younger crowd, to be able to just go out and see a cool band.

Lukas: That it just works. And that it’s not so far away.
John: Exactly, that they don’t have to go to Hamburg. So organize more DIY shows!
Lukas: I’m also a bit for living room concerts.
John: Volume is also a contributing issue to making DIY shows, even in the big city. People move to the neighborhood complain about the noise level, even though they know where they’re moving to. And that’s the exact opposite of what we think the city needs.

Your next concert is already in the works!
On August 31st you will play with your support Shybits at Hafenklang – what can you promise the people for this evening?
John: That it will definitely be an evening not to be missed if you are interested in indie music.

Lukas: There will be fireworks!


Deep Dyed LIVE!

It gets loud

During the break after the first set, the audience both young and old comes together, introductions are made, exchanges take place, everyone meets at eye level before the loud set finally starts. It is indeed louder, faster, and so Deep Dyed plays through tracks from their first EP (Soft Psychosis among others), but most of the concert is taken up with tracks from the current album. And there are even two new songs to hear! But the live killer is again and still Dracula Force! An energetic number, which always delivers. Even for me now hearing it for the third time live, the “vampire song” has lost nothing of its original explosive power. And so it happens that not only I, but also other people in the record store are carried away by the live quality of the song. Heads nod in approval, people dance and cheer frenetically after the number is finished. This cheering continues and inspires Deep Dyed to not one, but two encores. Buxtehude’s live scene is on fire again. Thank you Deep Dyed.


Update from the band:

“Unfortunately we have to cancel and indefinitely postpone our release concert on August 31st. A private situation has arisen that was not to be expected and which makes it impossible to play the concert. We are working on an alternative date. Any tickets that have already been purchased will, of course,be refunded. We thank you for your support and understanding and hope to see you again soon! Aylin, Hauke, John & Lukas”

… But on September 1st the Past Midnight version of Unmade Beds will be released. This includes four bonus tracks in addition to the previously released songs. About this John says: “We simply recorded too many songs in the studio and unfortunately not all of them fit on the album. Also, we’ve been playing the cover of the Geckos live for a while now.” So the already mentioned Geckos cover is also part of it.

Another note: The whole article was translated by Carolina Solis – thank you!


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