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Renés Redekiste?

Just to start with, thank you for paying attention to this blog and it’s nice to meet you! The ‘Redekiste’. Okay, here we go!

My name is René and this blog is a project from the heart and I’m very happy to meet all these different people. It’s so much fun to see what can evolve through this talks. The storys and pictures that are the results of these talks are going along with some personal thoughts.

My combatants are good friends , who are joining me from time to time, to take some awesome photographs. We are using different cameras and the instant images are shot with instant film from the Impossible Project, now known as Polaroid.

One last thing:
Whoever you are, take your time. Open a bottle of beer or another fancy drink, light yourself a cigarette or just take your favourite snack.
Enjoy these interviews as much as I did and feel free to leave a comment.

Have fun!


Renés Redekiste caught on film in Hamburg. May 2019. (Shot by Robster)




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