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Centre of Nowhere

The guys from Leeds did it one more time. After Ka Palaho Beach and Complementary their newest song Centre of Nowhere takes it again on another level. After the epic intro, a pumping bass leads us into the song, where Fizzy Blood are facing one of the questions: Are we wasting our time? Is what we’re doing the right thing? We all know these days spent in bed. Paralysed. Lost in our own mind. Those days where it seems to be easier to just get wasted again, instead of making a choice. But what is that, the right thing? Guess what – it’s hard to tell! Well let’s get back to the song.

It’s atmosphere, the already mentionend bass line, believe me, it’s hard to keep your feet still. But their coup de grace in this beautiful song is the moment when everything explodes: On nights like this, I wonder what I’m doing with my life. Smashing drums. Silence. A guitar. Howling.

I am so high again
Fucked up ’cause I had shit to do today
Maybe it can wait till tomorrow
Tomorrow’s only 35 minutes away

Fizzy Blood – Centre of Nowhere


Fizzys Bloods four minute masterpiece Centre of Nowhere is the third single from their upcoming record Pan Am Blues. And their next single is just waiting around the corner – Pearly Whites is out tomorrow. Pan Am Blues, the album itself is going to be released on 13.01.2023. The corresponding interview will be around a few days before. So stay tuned. And thanks to Jana for visiting my very own centre of nowhere with me.

The Centre of Nowhere is also featured on the disturbing picture Pan Am Blues – a short film by Fizzy Blood.

Source: YouTube, Fizzy Blood

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