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‘Hey, have a look at this Polaroid! It’s for my new article.’
‘You’re looking sad on this one.’
‘Well, it’s a sad song, isn’t it?

And Complementary is indeed a sad tune, as Paul Howells of Fizzy Blood declared on social media:

‘New song I wrote when I was really sad – out today. Hope it makes u sad too (in a good way)’

Released on the 5th of November, it took me some time, but I finally brought up the courage to write about this song as well. Complementary pays attention to all these complicated feelings that come along with a break up. Being numb, being some kind of angry, the feel that something’s missing, like yeah – feeling uncompleted. You’re going through the whole catalogue of emotions whilst listening to it, but eventually it leaves you sad and happy. But to step aside from going insane, let’s get to the music.

Source: YouTube, Fizzy Blood

The band’s back again in such a playful mood and Benjis voice is more than bulletproof! Around 2:29, his outstanding performance makes it hard to believe that these guys brought us songs like January Sun or Pawn. Hands up, who expected something like that!

So that’s Complementary, the second surprising lifesign from Fizzy Blood after their bittersweet tune Ka Palaho Beach! And yes, it needed some time to show it’s entire beauty to me. Slow and sad, an angry bit of speak-singing (some might call it rap), an instrumental part to dance to and nothing less than the end of the world. 

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