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Ka Palaho Beach

Come, take your time
Take a break at the place where the bar meets the sea
And it’s always 25 degrees
At Ka Palaho beach

Joy personalised
There’s a fountain of youth and a rum punch dispenser
Yeah, it’s paradise

Fizzy Blood – Ka Palaho Beach

Source: YouTube, Fizzy Blood

Do you already miss it? The warm sun on your skin? To have a cold drink in the heat while hanging around with your friends? Do you already miss summer?

Fizzy Blood can’t bring back summer, but they do give us a sweet taste of it. Sweet like the forbidden fruit. Their first fresh material in three years and it comes along with such an unfamiliar sound. No shouting, no heavy guitars and the drums are calm like palm trees in a fresh breeze. Violins, a piano – yes, it gets pretty harmonic! But it’s still the same guys: Benji, Paul, Ciaran, Tim & Jake. Like the group says: Same band, new chapter.

Back in the days, when the world was still another, I had a chat with Fizzy Blood and we also talked about Ka Palaho Beach then:

Ka Palaho Beach is like a metaphor, so it’s somewhere that sounds really nice. Ka Palaho is Hawaiian for corruption. So when you really look into it, when you look deeper than the surface, there is more going on there and it’s not all as it seems. I think there is a lot to be said for what’s going on today in certain things, like socially and politically.

Paul Howells from Fizzy Blood

Yes, that’s Ka Palaho Beach. So put on your sunglasses and do not forget the sun cream. The song itself still sounds like a promise. Endless summer, cold drinks, no worries? Paradise?

You better keep your eyes peeled – for more Polaroid pictures, more talk and of course more Fizzy Blood.


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