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Go and see Papooz (a sign from the universe)

Klick! Bzzzt! And finally my Polaroid gives me what I want – a picture of Papooz. More than happy to get at least one picture, the evening continues like it should. The Hebebühne is not sold out and the band doesn’t even bring a support to Hamburg. And so it doesn’t take long, before I find myself in one of the most attractive concert situations in my life. When I’m saying attractive, I’m talking about the band, the lights and colours and of course the music. ‘Cause: It all comes together in a perfect symbiose. Armands voice, which’s like an angels, matches perfect with Ulysses timbre. How can music be so sexy without being macho? Hell Of A Woman, my heart melts, when Ulysses aspirates the word baby after the first refrain. But yeah, it’d be too easy, if that’d be all what it takes to impress me.

Source: YouTube, PAPOOZ

So it’s not just that, the feel like being in an French disco in the 80s (obviously I’d never been there) is what catches me and describes the night in the best way. It’s a vibe that’s in every song, even in Louise and that’s a very country one, especially live: “Louise won’t you take it easy, life it ain’t a Rock ‘n’ Roll song”

It’s a wild ride, the whole audience, at least I think so, is going to different places in their minds. Downtown Babylon definitely carries me to another place and I’m no longer at the Hebebühne. But how did I end up here or wherever my mind is now?

Thanks to That guy in Paris

Was it really just the spontantinous decision to go to Paris on Easter, which led to this kind of events? Did I knew when I asked that guy at Balades Sonores (a record store we stumbled upon) for French rock groups, that I’d end up taking a Polaroid of one of these bands so very soon? Of course I did not know that. Because who could have known that Papooz would play Hamburg just two weeks later? It really felt like a sign so I needed to go and see that show!

Back at the Papooz show

There are guitar solos, but again, there is nothing macho about it. They are just happening in aid for the beauty of art. An endlessly elegant concert experience which features such great songs, it hurts that eventually everything comes to an end. But is this really the end? No. There’s a smoking lounge at the venue, which we enter after the concert’s done. After a few puffs, there’s piano music coming from behind the curtain. And there he is, Ulysses at the small piano, playing some stuff, accompanied from time to time by his band mates. Instead of going on and on I’d like to thank again that guy from Balades Sonores for introducing me into such beautiful music. How long have I been waiting for something like this without even knowing it? Fin.

I’m chillin’ easy in my livin’ room
Waitin’ for the grass to cool-off my mind
I sink another round

Gently dancing to this Beach Boys tune
I’m flyin’ through the room, the neighbors get mad
Hey, don’t be yellin’ overtime!

Papooz – Theatrical State Of Mind

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