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Little Did They Know

Time flies …
It seems like ages ago since I met Tom & Evan (aka. The Strangest) at the Clouds Hill festival in 2017. The following concert … oh boy, what a night! The crazy party nights in Bochum and Hamburg! Everything that followed ever since, the interview with the Redekiste, Sofar Sounds on crutches, the release of their debut Dear Boy, such sweet memories. Polaroid after Polaroid, these guys earned a special place in my heart. Now the next step: Album number two, Little Did They Know, recorded live at Clouds Hill studio. So let’s put this record on …

Source: YouTube, Tom Allan & The Strangest

  1. A scream, laughing – Over & Over. Right from the first note it’s totally clear, Tom Allan & The Strangest are back with a rougher sound. They are brave enough to place their best new song right at the start and that was definitely the right decision! A song dedicated to their lifestyle. Wild and jolly, this song takes me back to places, long nights & broken dreams. Thank you!
  2. Following Over & Over: Great Divide. Taking us on a journey to the Orient, all of a sudden you hear some drum sticks clicking and the guitars are breaking through, taking the song to the next level.
  3. Song number three, yes, finally! One of my favourites, a highlight at every Tom Allan & The Strangest concert. Evan’s voice leading the song, it’s an anthem, absolutely stunning, So High!
  4. We Come Running. Already released as a single. It’s a smart placed bridge and a clever song! You want some more? Just wait for it: De-de-de …
  5. Here it is, a song to dance to! Gommi’s Just About and once again Evan is on the microphone. And if you didn’t realise, yes, it’s Tom Allan & The Strangest, equal songwriters: Two lads doing their thing, just having fun!
    I remember Tom telling me ‘…especially this one is so much fun live …’
  6. It starts getting laid-back once again: What Is Wrong With You. A toxic relationship, a more dramatic sound, it could well be a goodbye song!
  7. Set Yourself Free. What’s life about? The song for every dreamer, a kick in the ass, a reminder to follow your own path! Tom and Evan are the right ones to tell the tale, ’cause they definitely know what they are talking about! Applause!
Time to flip the vinyl
  1. Around This Town. The band starts to speed things up with driving drums and a pumping bass-line, perfect rhythm to dance to!
  2. Femme Fatale. A song about, hey, I guess, there’s nothing left to say! But Tom & Evan sharing vocals on this one? Yes, it’s a match!
  3. The Strangest is reaching for new heights! Rough vocals meeting high singing. It’s a never ending story – Lost myself again
  4. Coming Out To Play. A blast from the past! Tom is doing hard vocals in this one. A song that he already released on a former production. Still a great tune, so: Move your arse and get yourself in gear!
  5. A hypnotic tune, light the candles and enjoy. Nothing appears to be as it seems: Beautiful Lies. A storm of sound coming towards the end but is this the end? Time to catch a breath and a few seconds to calm down …
  6. Death Is Not The End. Libertines in the house? The beginning of the song reminds me of the British band and there are certain marks on the song as well, but hey, that’s a compliment!
  7. Far Far Far. The hidden track. And playful we are coming to an end …

The experience comes to an end as the needle leaves the record.
That was Little Did They Know

And all together it went well.

The Strokes – Barely Legal


The Strangest at Clouds Hill.

Tom Allan & The Strangest live in Germany very soon:

28. August: Cologne – artheater
29. August: Hamburg – Molotow (loooking forward dear boys!)
30. August: Berlin – Privatclub
01. September: Wiesbaden – Schlachthof
02. September: Munich – Ampere/Muffatwerk

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