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It’s Monday night and the concert of Findlay is tomorrow. Thrilled by her music, I’m packing my stuff for a little shoot (a Polaroid 600, my Impossible I-1, the zebracoat and some other things) and looking forward for the things to come! Findlay released her debut album ‘Forgotten Pleasures’ this year in March and it did not take much time to realize that it is an outstanding record! Songs like ‘Electric Bones‘ or ‘Greasy Love‘ are so full of energy that they are still on heavy rotation in my flat!
Her newest video is ‘Monomania (Nobody Loves You Like I Love You)’ .

Quelle: YouTube, FINDLAYVEVO

This passionate tune really gives a shy glimpse of her musical diversity, which is definitely reaching the top of the mountain with the title track ‘Forgotten Pleasures’.
We are starting our shooting in a restroom and believe it or not, it does not seem right to step into this room. But no worries! I’m recognizing fast that Natalie is a genuinely cool and down to earth person and it’s the beginning of a night full of fun.

At this time we are chatting about her friendship with AnnenMayKantereit and how they got to known each other. It’s as simple as it could be, they shared some stages and so it happened. Between two photographs I want to know if it’s true that she worked with Carl Barat on her record, and yes, she did (they worked together on her epic tune ‘St. Elmo’s Fire’)!

I’m in luck, that ‘Eley Kishimoto’-edition was the right choice! It is a beautiful combination of the frame, the coat and the black and white photograph.

But I’m not having that luck with my Impossible I-1. The Flash is too dark thus is the reason why the ‘behind the scenes’-photographs didn’t work out the way I planned it.

We are strolling through the backstage to find some places that would fit, are suprising a guy from the Tower at his lunch break (if you read this, I’m sorry for that man!) and find ourselves back in the room where the band is hanging out.

This Ukulele will be much fun later, when Jules Apollinaire is taking and playing it wandering around the room (thank you for the ‘Can’t Hold It’-Moment)!
It’s a fantastic night out, with a great gig from my mates in RIKAS (they are doing the support this time), a cool hangout with Findlay and her lovely band and of course an amazing concert from these four people. I really hope to meet you again!

By the way, ‘Forgotten Pleasures’ is the perfect soundtrack whilst reading ‘Every Day’ from David Levithan.

Thank you Findlay!

Text & Polaroid pictures: René Biernath
Instant Film: Color, For Use With 600, Classic White Frame, Eley Kishimoto Edition, For Use With 600 and Color For I-Type Cameras

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