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Such a funny thing … (DMA’S)

… for me, try to explain
Such a funny thing for me, try to explain
Such a funny thing for me, try to explain
Such a funny thing for me, try to explain

Endless fade out of ‘Hello Girlfriend’ in Cologne 2023.

As the DMA’S seem to find no way to end the song, the joy of listening to it is growing with every repeat of the songs last words. Smiles are flashing through the crowd and the Australian band got us again. After already playing hits like The Glow or Silver, Tommy, Matt and Johnny are in a playful mood, especially Johnny, whos grin is just catching!


Ah, Silver. If somebody wasn’t into their set before, from that point it’s impossible to not take part of the show. Already the first lines of Silver were a sudden burst of energy which took over the crowd within a moment. And with the refrain it seemed like everybody was screaming their lungs out: How do I redefine all my love for you? I guess I look to the sun with you, yeah. I’m still coming down. It’s funny that I think of you right now. Knowing all the years that turned to clouds. I’m still coming down. Let’s just face it, it’s a fucking anthem. Even more powerful than the records version, it felt like we could blow the roof off. And with every repeat of the chorus it seemed like we were getting closer to that.

Source: YouTube, DMA’S

More about the DMA’S

Since I saw them playing live the last time back in 2016, many things have happened. They released three new albums and did publish two live records, one with MTV Unplugged and a proper concert from the UK – over there the band has grown to an unbelievable height! And let’s not forget about this, they also released another EP with the great name I Love You Unconditionally, Sure Am Going To Miss You. Never heard about it? Make sure to check out the tracks 1 Way and Junk Truck Head Fuck.

But yes, they’re back. And because Hamburg’s unfortunately not on the bill, I’m standing in Cologne. A friend’s with me and the Luxor is crowded with people, but the merch booth is just poorly equipped with clothes, so there are no records to take back home. But hey, it’s a concert and no record store, so let’s forget about this!

So many dreams

The songs on the setlist are showing what the band is capable of, for example mastering their craft to be a 90s band without being one. People calling their latest record How Many Dreams? radio pop shit are just getting what they already got back then. Huge songs. Anthems. Lyrics and melodies that take you by storm and yeah, songs that’d do well on the radio too, for example Something We Are Overcoming.

How many dreams can a band have and eventually live out? Watching the DMA’S playing the Luxor, having the whole audience in the palm of their hands, even despite their literal wall of sound, it seems like many. The three friends from Down Under are like a chameleon changing their colour with every new album, not copying anything (90s), just being the DMA’S, with their very own, unique sound. If anybody in the past has been wondering if Feels Like 37 is the best these guys can do, they’ve been proven wrong. There are still so many dreams left to dream.

Such a funny thing for me, try to explain. Such a funny thing for me, try to explain. Such a funny thing for me, try to explain.

DMA’S. Hello Girlfriend. I love you.

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