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Viva Lost Vegas

Viva Lost Vegas
Come and try your luck
Attempt to win it all before you start to lose your mind
Sit down with your favourite drink and settle in forever
It’s true what they say you know, we’re all in this together

Fizzy Blood – Viva Lost Vegas

Back in April, when we were talking about Viva Lost Vegas, we came to the conclusion that it’s like your own Hotel California.
It’s like an explosion: Tims shouting out ‘Fuck me’ and everyone is blurting into wild and loud laughter.
I think what René means is we were talking about it in a context about it being this place …
I’m helping out:
… where you are getting lost.
I didn’t say it was as good as Hotel California. I said there are parallels in it with the lyrics.
Thinking about that. We need to finish that song. Maybe we can put a fucking massive guitar solo right in the middle of it.
With harmonies and shit. Four parts. We’ve got three guitars, let’s do three-part harmony. Scan can do a fourth on bass.
Ciaran: That sounds like a great idea!
Paul (to René): That was just a statement, or …?
I just wanted to talk about it.

Source: YouTube, Eagles

Tim: I think they say it’s like … they got loads of opinions from fans trying to work out this mystery that obviously somebody in the band has died or somebody has killed somebody. And they were just like: “Well it’s just an anti-drug song really.” I think there is quite a lot in that; Even though it means that to The Eagles it can take on different meanings to the fans. I think just because you’ve written something doesn’t mean that you have ownership of people’s perception of it.
Jake: That’s why it’s cool though isn’t it? People thought it was a satanic ritual song, didn’t they? It was crazy! There was so much (discussion) around it.
Tim: So, maybe that’s something to be said about this stuff. You can kind of just …
Jake: Make your own opinion.
Tim: Yeah and I think the conclusions that you draw will tell you a lot about yourself.
My favourite music is like that as well. It’s funny isn’t it for you speak to someone about it and they just have a completely different idea of what the song is to you. That’s why it’s good though, ‘cause your own imagination is always gonna be more important to you than what somebody else is telling you it’s about. It’s the same when people say that books are way better than films. They’re always gonna be, because when you read a book, you are inside your own head and no one else is gonna tell a story better than you can tell it to yourself.

What was on your mind Paul, when you wrote the lyrics for Viva Lost Vegas?

If you want to enter Fizzy Bloods very own Hotel California and get to know the answer check out the whole interview right here: The end is near.
Viva Lost Vegas is the 6th track on Pan Am Blues.


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