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Famous Planes

Famous Planes is the 10th song on Pan Am Blues. When Paul from Fizzy Blood and me were talking about this track for the first time, we already figured out the idea for the pictures used in this article. I just mentioned that a picture with someone holding a sign like the world is ending would be nice, when Paul came up with the idea for the tinfoil hat – perfect!

Spend a life picking up solitary vibes
The maniacs were right
The end is just as advertised
Famous planes are falling from the sky
And no amount of thoughts and prayers
Can keep them in the air

Say goodbye, mother left
Father time, we were never gonna make it
Human, so dead inside
Take it in your stride

Fizzy Blood – Famous Planes

Famous Planes, Last Orders, Living Online, the Spacey demo, even the Vegas song, all these songs are dealing with things ending.
Am I right when I see a concept there – the end is near?
Yeah, I guess in a way. It’s more like a feeling. It’s not the things are ending. It’s like I feel that way because of you know …
The current climate. The current climate of the world.
Just the way things are going, Yeah. I guess the question is: Is the end near? That’s more what the album is asking. It’s not saying the end is near, but it’s asking: Is it?
So we are kind of on the edge?
Paul: Could be!

So build yourself your very own tinfoil hat and don’t miss the whole interview with Fizzy Blood. Just click at the following words: The end is near.


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