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Living Online by Fizzy Blood is a song which sadly didn’t make the cut in the end. So you won’t find that one on Pan Am Blues. But as the picture has already been taken and I also did refer to it in the interview – let’s do this anyway! It’s a song about the disconnecting of people to the real world. Hanging on their phones all the time. Literally every single minute. It doesn’t matter if they are hanging out with friends or if they’re alone at home. You need to be online.

What did happen the last hours? A good question that I guess many people ask themselves after putting their phones down. Was that necessary? Did I really enjoy my free time here?

So here is the question from the interview relating to this issue:

Some studies are saying that young people are having less sex because they’re consuming too much porn.
Jake: I think that’s true – yes!
Less sex, because they are watching porn on the Internet:
Living Online – isn’t this ridiculous?

Jake: Yeah, probably, but now you can get like VR porn and stuff can’t you? It’s mental!
Paul: He heard from a friend (everyones laughing loud)!
Jake: It’s fucking mental! Can you imagine? It’s so weird! Like the concept to VR porn. Imagine if you were the girl who was getting Bukkake’d by accident. You clicked on the wrong video and you open your eyes and you’re just surrounded by dicks! And you’re like: Aaaah!
Tim: You can change somebody’s …
Jake: Deep faking you’re on about (changing faces)! You could sleep with Steve Buscemi if you want to.

Putting Down Your Phone May Help You Live Longer sounds like a clever advice anyway but it’s also a nice article from The New York Times. Go check it out here and if you dare to read the whole interview with Fizzy Blood, it’s right here, hidden behind these words: The end is near.

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